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Boarding of Vehicles not available on the selected date.
For vehicles bookings not included in the list (height vehicles > 2,10 m), please contact +34 971 59 00 33 or
(Ibiza – Formentera route only)

Thank you.
The maximum height must be 2.10m, if it exceeds these measurements boarding will be denied. To reserve this type of vehicle, contact or +34971590033.

Thank you.
Vehicle Type
14-59 years
4-13 years
+59 years
0-3 years

Online bookings - Purchase of tickets

How do I make a booking?

SELECT CROSSING: Select type of ticket (single or return) along with origin and destination port. The date selection box will open automatically.

DATES: Select the dates by clicking on the calendar. The default settings will indicate the current date and you will be able to move between dates by clicking on the arrows on the calendar. Afterwards, the PASSENGERS and a VEHICLE selection boxes will appear.

PASSENGERS: You have to select the number of passengers. If you are travelling with an animal please tick the box that appears in this section. During the booking process, you can indicate the exact number of pets travelling with you.

VEHICLE: The option to add your vehicle will appear automatically. The default setting is without vehicle. Click then on SEARCH.

How do I add a vehicle to my booking?

If you are travelling with a vehicle you will have to let us know its dimensions, as indicated in the vehicle registration document. We must inform you that if, while embarking, the dimensions indicated do not match the actual dimensions of your vehicle, our land crew may ask you to show your vehicle registration document.

We remind you that bicycles and motorcycles up to (and including) 125 cc can travel free of charge on our ferries, as long as there is available room for them.

If you are travelling with a rental vehicle which details you do not know (registration, make and model), you will have to tick the appropriate box in the booking formulary. You will then have to provide us with this information during the check-in, either online or directly at our ticket office in the port.

If you have been provided with a promotional code, copy and paste it with no blank spaces in the correspondent box so that we can calculate your fare.

How do I know if my booking has been confirmed?

On completing your purchase, if your card payment has gone through successfully you will receive a confirmation email indicating the contracted services and the booking reference. This document will also serve as a receipt of your tickets purchase and acceptance of the contracted services.

The total amount of your booking will automatically be charged on your credit or debit card. The price paid includes VAT and all other taxes or rates associated with the provision of the acquired services.

How can I pay?

Payment can only be made by debit or credit card, via Banco Sabadell Virtual POS Terminal (safe payment platform).

The card used to pay for the booking does not necessarily have to belong to the booking holder and will not have to be shown to get the boarding passes. Once you have purchased your tickets, you can check-in online to obtain your boarding passes.

How can I amend or cancel my booking?

If you wish to make any changes to your booking, please call +34  9712 31 44 33 or send an email to

Changes can only be made up to 2 working days prior to the date of the trip and only if the boarding passes have not been issued yet with the check-in.

Any changes that you make may result in a modification of the price. The difference will have to be paid by credit/debit card by phone. Please note that some services may not be available if you change the date.

If you do not show up on the day of the crossing and have not given previous notice, your booking will be treated as a cancellation and no refund whatsoever will be made. If the cancellation is requested 7 days or more prior to the date of the outward journey, the 90% of the price paid will be refunded (10% cancellation fee).

If the cancellation is made between 6 days and 48 hours before the departure, the cancellation fee will be 20% of the price of the ticket.

In all other cases of free cancellation or modification, a handling fee of 15 Euros per booking may be charged. 

Reservations for groups

Trasmapi offers discounts for groups of passengers from 10 people. To request a quote, consult the section ORGANIZE YOUR TRIP - GROUPS.

Is it possible to get a transfer?

Trasmapi offers you the possibility to add to your Fast Ferry booking the following extra services:

  • Transfers Airport - Port of Ibiza: City Bus, Express Transfer or Special Transfer.
  • Transfer Port of La Savina (Formentera) - Hotel/Apartment in Formentera.
  • Vehicle rental (car/scooter) in Formentera or at the airport.

Please find more information in the section ORGANIZE YOUR TRIP - YOUR FERRY AND MORE...

Is it possible to buy the ticket with open hours?

Trasmapi has a ticket with open hours, which allows boarding in any departure of the selected day without having to close the travel time previously, always subject to availability of seats in the time of boarding If there were no vacancies, you should wait for the next exit; so we recommend going to boarding at least 30 minutes before the departure time of the ferry.

In the online reservation this ticket is shown in the first place of the schedule list, in step n & ordm; 2 of the online shopping process.

In the online reservation of tickets with vehicle is not available. allowed the OPEN schedule, it will be always need to select a boarding time.

Request an invoice

How can I request an invoice?

You can request an invoice filling the INVOICE APPLICATION form in (from the menu MAKING YOUR BOOKING) or by email at, indicating your booking reference and the billing details.

The invoice will be sent to your email address within 15 days. 

Check in

How do I check in online?

You can check in online to obtain your boarding passes free of charge without having to pass by the ticket office first.

Once you have made your booking, click on Manage your booking in our web page and enter your booking reference (shown on the booking confirmation sent to you by email) and the email address used to make the booking.

The service is only available during the 15 days prior to the date of departure.

Can I check in online?

Online check in is available for all confirmed bookings except in two situations:

1. When you book with discount for residents of the Balearic Islands and the telematic verification of the residency is negative.

2. When you book with discount for large families. If this is the case, the boarding passes will have to be obtained directly from the ticket office in the port, prior presentation of the large family document requested, issued by the Spanish Authorities.

I have not been able to check-in online, how can I get my boarding passes?

Your online check in may not have been successful for one of the following reasons:

The page was not available. This could be due to an error in the website, please try again later.

You are resident of the Balearic Islands and it is not possible to verify your residency online. This may happen because the platform is not operative or its response was negative, or because the passenger’s details were not properly entered or because he or she is not registered in the system.

Boarding passes will have to be obtained from the ticket office in the port of Ibiza (Formentera Ferry Terminal), by presenting the booking confirmation.

Whatever the case may be and should the error persist, you should contact Trasmapi and report the error.

Which documents do I need to get on board if I checked in online?

To get on board you will need your boarding passes printed out or mobile format and a copy of the confirmation of your booking, which serves as a receipt of your ticket purchase.

Services on board

What's the luggage limit?

Passengers travelling without a vehicle can carry up to 20 kilos of personal luggage.

If you wish to take special items or large format equipment with you, please contact us at

Which services can I find on board?

All our ferries provide a series of services for passengers’ comfort. Our fleet consists of a range of different types of boats and for this reason, some services might not be available on certain ferries:

Air conditioning

Exterior decks


Luggage room

Activities for kids

Babies changing room

Facilities for handicapped people

Free access for pets

Free access for bicycles and motorbikes under 125 cc

Free Wi-Fi

Is smoking allowed on board?

Our ferries are smoke- free spaces. Smoking on board is absolutely prohibited, even on open decks.

Throwing rubbish into the sea is absolutely forbidden.

Get on board

Can I travel with a rental vehicle?

You can travel with a rental vehicle if the rental agency allows you to do so. Please make sure the insurance covers both islands before you make your booking to avoid disappointments at the time of boarding.

What's the time limit to get onboard?

Passengers without a vehicle must be ready to get on board at least 15 minutes before the ferry leaves. If you do not have a boarding pass and still need to check in, the time limit is 30 minutes prior to the selected departure.

Passengers travelling with a vehicle must be ready to embark at least 30 minutes before the ferry leaves. If you do not have a boarding pass and still need to check in, the time limit is one hour prior to the selected departure.

Are pets allowed on board?

Pets are allowed on board free of charge.

If you want your pet to travel with you in the lounge, you will have to carry it in the corresponding cage or pet carrier, as long as this is not too big to represent an obstacle to the emergency escape routes. Should the cage or pet carrier exceed the dimensions established by the crew, your pet will have to travel on the deck. This means that if the weather is bad your pet will not be able to travel, as our ferries’ decks are not equipped with the necessary systems to secure pet cages.

When embarking and disembarking, all dogs will have to be held on a lead and muzzled, even if they are peaceful.

Pets are not allowed to make the crossing inside your vehicle.

Passengers requiring special attention

Trasmapi provides special assistance to people with reduced mobility, although we do require cooperation to be able to help.

In order to give the right assistance, it is recommended that people requiring special attention (with reduced mobility, sight or hearing disability, etc.), let us know at least 24 hours prior to departure, indicating the special conditions in which they find themselves.

In the booking process, while entering your personal data, you will find the option to tick the box if any of the passengers needs assistance.

Blind people: In application of the specific regulations, guide dogs will be allowed to access our lounges and will be allowed to sit alongside their owner, as long as they do not represent an obstruction to emergency escape routes. 

Timetables and rates

Can I leave my ticket OPEN ?

If you are not sure of the time of your trip, you can chose the option of the OPEN ticket to be able to travel on any of our ferries (according to availability).

Seats are not numbered.

OPEN tickets are valid for one year for non-resident passengers, and six months for residents of the Balearic Islands.

What are the rates and which services do they include?

Our fares include port and other taxes, handling costs, travel insurance and, of course, the crossing for passengers and their luggage.

The only charges you can occur in, are for cancellations.

Discounts are only applicable to passengers, not to vehicles.

Pets can travel on our ferries free of charge.


Passengers’ age will be verified on embarking, not when making the booking. Our staff may request documentation accrediting the date of birth.

Baby: Babies up to 3 years old travel free of charge and do not occupy a seat.

Child: Children between 4 and 13 years of age (both inclusive), benefit of a special discount.

Adult: 14 to 59 years old passengers pay normal rate.

Senior: Passengers over 60 years old, benefit of a special discount.

Liability for loss or theft of luggage on board in transport conditions

No liability will be accepted for any objects of value that have not been previously entrusted to the Captain for custody. Likewise no liability will be accepted for any damage that may be caused, directly and exclusively as a result of compliance with the law, regulations and/or governmental orders.

Professional area for travel agencies

High request as an agency

Trasmapi has a professional area for travel agencies, which will allow you to & quot; make reservation of tickets for your clients in a simple way.

In the professional area, you can ' apply for registration in this service by filling out the form provided. Shortly you will receive á a confirmation email of the reception of the information together with the conditions of the service, which will have to be accepted simply by responding "Conform ” to said e-mail. Then, it will be sent. by e-mail access data and a user manual.

Payment method / Billing

Residents in Balearic Islands

Trasmapi ‘s sale system is integrated with SARA’s telematic platform provided by the Ministry of Development. This system allows to verify online if you accomplish with the requirements to obtain the discount for residents.


If the answer is POSITIVE, you can check in online and print out your boarding passes to embark directly.

If the answer is NEGATIVE, according to the RD 1/2014, you will have to get your boarding passes at our ticket office in the port, prior presentation of a valid certificate of residency (original copy), as requested by the Spanish Royal Decree 1316/2001 modified by the Spanish Royal Decree 1340/2007*. A valid Identification Document (DNI for Spanish passengers, NIE or Passport for Foreign passengers) must be presented as well. Children under 14 years of age do not need to present their ID if they do not have one but only the certificate of residency when applies.

Trasmapi recommends residents to always bring their certificate with, especially if the residency has never been checked telematically, the residency has changed recently or had a negative answer to the telematic platform that checks the residency.

*We remind passengers that we need these documents for each passenger. According to the information provided by the General Directorate of Maritime Affairs, all ferry companies “have to collect and save copies of all documentation accrediting passengers’ residency”, therefore all certificates must be printed out being not valid in mobile devices as they have to be ready for scanning.

Large families (in Spain)

Requested documents for passengers with a large-family discount :Pursuant to Royal Decree 1621/2005, if you are eligible for a large-family discount, please show the following printed documentation (not valid on mobile devices) during the check-in at the ticket offices on your outgoing trip.

·        Original and a photocopy of the Large Family Certificate (issued by the Spanish Administration)

·        Photocopies of the Certificate pages reporting the following information:

I. Category

II. Passenger’s name and identification document.

III. Validity and expiration

In case passengers do not display requested documents for resident in the Balearic Islands or large-family discounts, tickets will be issued without reduction and the difference in Price shall be paid at the sales ticktes. 

Contract of Carriage
Online Bookings General Conditions